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As Chartered Federal Employee Benefit Consultants (ChFEBC), Federal Retirement Experts are licensed specialists in how the matrix of federal employee benefits work. We are approved Members of the National Ethics Association, and of the National Active and Retired Federal Employee Association.

Our mission is to make sure federal employees understand their benefits in order to make educated decisions about their financial future. We offer our clients a complete picture of their retirement by providing a unique report that pools their federal annuity (TSP), social security, and other investments into one comprehensive report that is easy to digest. This report includes calculations of when Federal Employees are able to retire after completing minimum age and service requirements, incorporates their personal finances to provide them with a date they can afford to retire, and shows the expected retirement income they can plan to live on for the rest of their lives.

Federal Retirement Experts have helped provide safe money and income retirement strategies to our clients for over 40 years.

For more information or if you have any questions please email Federal Retirement Experts at info@federalretirementexperts.com or call us at 727-935-2421 directly.


Harry at Federal Retirement Experts is a knowledgeable and professional advisor for government employees.  We were very satisfied with the services that he provided to us.

Jim and Lydia

I gained valuable insight into social security planning and maximizing both of our social security payments thanks to Federal Retirement Experts.


Thanks for saving me a lot of money in choosing the correct survivor benefit for us.

Susan and David

100% of my TSP went to work for me immediately without any fees charged or withdrawn from my balance. I really liked that there were no hidden charges or extra costs to work with Federal Retirement Experts. It was nice to work with people that wanted to protect my bottom line as much as I did!


Harry at Federal Retirement Experts assisted me in transferring my TSP account to an account that might be more beneficial to me.  I found him to be very professional and helpful. I took his advice whereupon I soon  transferred my funds based on his recommendation.


Federal Retirement Experts showed me a complete report based upon my benefits that gives me a clear picture of what my retirement will look like. Prior to getting this information, retirement was a complete guess for me and my husband.


Thank you for showing me how to protect all of my gains to date in my TSP! I love the structure you provided to me where my account will only increase in value and never decrease in value. This was really important to me in planning for retirement income for me and my wife.

Sam and Corrine

As a CSRS employee,Federal Retirement Experts showed me what my social security income would be like after the windfall elimination provision. All other financial planners didn’t even know what the windfall elimination provision was!


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Eric Hutter

Harry Jameson (Left)
Lt. Colonel Nicholas Jameson (Right)

Harry Jameson, ChFEBC
Federal Retirement Expert

Harry Jameson entered the insurance industry in 1972, first working for a Lincoln National Life Insurance agency (FIC). He became a national sales leader in 1973 for the CNA financial division called Modern America and earned the top company awards in 1974 & 1975. Harry’s career continued to develop as he established his own insurance agency in 1976, specializing in retirement planning.

From 1984-2001, Harry expanded his skills when he became an Institutional Bond Trader for Liberty Government Securities in Newport Beach, California to become one of the top producers for the firm. Harry’s clients were large city and county governments, where he traded millions of dollars of government securities. Since 2003, Harry turned his focus to working with Federal employees, becoming an expert as a Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant (ChFEBC) and has assisted hundreds of his clients to plan and receive a safe retirement that has never lost a penny due to market risk.

Harry is the host of the top-rated financial radio show Safe Money and Income, broadcast every week in the local Tampa Bay area, and the presenter of the book Safe Money and Income strategies. He has enjoyed helping people across the state of Florida protect their retirement money.

Over the years, Harry has helped people protect millions of dollars in retirement assets and none of them have lost any money from market downturns. His clients are able to sleep at night with the comfort of knowing that their retirement income is protected.